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576 Sqn Lancaster PD 309 recovery

150 Squadron R.A.F.


576 Sqn Wing/Cmdr Basil Arthur Templeman-Rooke

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Leslie Brown

576 Sqn. Flt/Sgt Eddie Wise

49 sqn Flt/Lt Charles Dunnet

49 Sqn Fred Cooper.

576 Sqn F/O William Carland Johnston

49 Sqn Flt/Lt Victor Medway Arnold

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Charles Roach

 49 Sqn Sgt. E.B.(Ted) Cachart.

49 Sqn Sgt Douglas D.R. Dalaway

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Bertram W. Roberts

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Johnny Musgrove

576 Sqn Flying Officer Edward L Saslove

49 Sqn Pilot Officer Edgar R. G. Haines D.F.M.

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Herbert Benson

576 Sqn Flying Officer Frank Wilson

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Dennis Ovenden

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Danny Ranchuk

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Ken Tamkin.

49 Sqn Flying Officer Alexander V Bone

576 Sqn Sgt Stanley Lloyd

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Frederick Taylor, DFM

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Reg Croot

49 Sqn. S/L J.E Raw-Rees D.F.C.

576 Sqn Sgt Alfred Thorpe Turton

 576 Sqn Warrant Officer Eugene Patrick (Jimmy) Collins

576 Sqn. F/O R Bastick & Crew

576 Sqn. Sgt. George Lynn.

576 Sqn Airman Ron Kent

576 Sqn. Sgt. D.Girling.

576 Sqn F/O A.J.L Ridge

576 Sqn F/O Archibald de Largy Greig

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This page contains a brief history on the squadrons which operated from this airfield during the war years,

further information can be found on internet searches.

For further information on the squadrons, visit the relevant squadron associations-

the links to which can be found on the Links pages on this website.

49 Squadron crest: Beware The Dog ( Of War)

49 squadron was a pre-war squadron formed in 1916 and re-formed again in 1936. They arrived at Fiskerton equipped with Lancasters and began flying operations for number 5 group in January 1943. Flying on raids to all the major enemy targets including the battle for Berlin, the shuttle raids, the Peenemunde rocket facility and the Le Creuset op- when the squadron was  given the the honour of leading the group and the attack. They left Fiskerton in october 1944 and were then based at Fulbeck. 

Their total wartime losses was 169 aircraft all types. This squadron was in action for the entire six-years of war having been a pre-war unit.



576 Squadron crest: Sieze The Moment.

576 Squadron was a hostilities only squadron formed at Elsham Wolds in October 1944.

Like many war-only squadrons, the aircrews were made up of many  commonwealth airmen who came to us in our darkest hour.

They operated only one type of aircraft-the Lancaster and begun operations from Fiskerton in November 1944 for number 1 group.

They attacked all the major enemy targets including Berlin, Berchesgarten( the last raid of the war on the die-hard Nazi stronghold)

and took part in Operation Manna-the dropping of provisions to starving Dutch civilians.

Like 49 Squadron, they flew on the night of the 6th Of June 1944 in support of the D-Day landings.

Their total wartime losses were 75 Lancasters. Like most of Bomber Command's squadrons,

some of their losses occurred in the final few days of the war.

Disbanded at Fiskerton in September 1945.

150 Squadron crest: Always Ahead.

150 Squadron was a pre-war squadron formed in 1918.

Re-formed again in 1938 & 1944. Disbanded again in nov 1945.
Re-formed in august 1959 as a Thor missile squadon. 

Finally disbanded in 1963. Now currently an air cadet squadron.
Operated lancasters from 1st to the 22nd  November  1944 at fiskerton before moving to Hemswell.
Flew on 4 ops from Fiskerton with no losses
A front line bomber squadron attacking all the major targets during the bombing campaign.

Further details of this squadron to follow following further research.