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576 Sqn Lancaster PD 309 recovery

150 Squadron R.A.F.


576 Sqn Wing/Cmdr Basil Arthur Templeman-Rooke

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Leslie Brown

576 Sqn. Flt/Sgt Eddie Wise

49 sqn Flt/Lt Charles Dunnet

49 Sqn Fred Cooper.

576 Sqn F/O William Carland Johnston

49 Sqn Flt/Lt Victor Medway Arnold

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Charles Roach

 49 Sqn Sgt. E.B.(Ted) Cachart.

49 Sqn Sgt Douglas D.R. Dalaway

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Bertram W. Roberts

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Johnny Musgrove

576 Sqn Flying Officer Edward L Saslove

49 Sqn Pilot Officer Edgar R. G. Haines D.F.M.

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Herbert Benson

576 Sqn Flying Officer Frank Wilson

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Dennis Ovenden

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Danny Ranchuk

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Ken Tamkin.

49 Sqn Flying Officer Alexander V Bone

576 Sqn Sgt Stanley Lloyd

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Frederick Taylor, DFM

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Reg Croot

49 Sqn. S/L J.E Raw-Rees D.F.C.

576 Sqn Sgt Alfred Thorpe Turton

 576 Sqn Warrant Officer Eugene Patrick (Jimmy) Collins

576 Sqn. F/O R Bastick & Crew

576 Sqn. Sgt. George Lynn.

576 Sqn Airman Ron Kent

576 Sqn. Sgt. D.Girling.

576 Sqn F/O A.J.L Ridge

576 Sqn F/O Archibald de Largy Greig

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The information and images on this page was supplied by David Haines. His late Father was a 49 Sqn Navigator who flew from Fiskerton.

He was: Pilot officer Edgar Rupert George Haines, D.F.M.  RAFVR, now deceased.

He was born in Maidenhead on June 9th 1923. Edgar completed his training in Canada and survived a number of operations. 

Returning from one particular operation, the entry in his logbook modestly stated "Landed Manston, 2 engines" In actual fact, 

he and his Pilot, wrestled the crippled Lanc across the English channel and for this act of determination and bravery,

he was awarded the Distinguished Flying medal. Edgar remained in the R.A.F after hostilities were over and became  a career officer,

retiring in the mid 1970's as a Wing Commander. His post-war service includes 2nd in- command at RAF Finningly, Vulcan bomber force.

Spells with NATO at Naples and Oslo. He was awarded the M.B.E for his work on six missile bases, including tests on Blue Streak and Thor during the cold war.

For more personal details of this Officer, please read the Funeral Eulogy.

Pilot Officer Edgar Haines. D.F.M.

P/O Haines-believed to be 4th from left. Other crew names to follow if possible.

RAF Luqa, 1977. Wing Commander Haines meeting Princess Alexandra.

Funeral eulogy, page 1
A formal expression of praise for Wing Commander Haines.
Funeral eulogy,page 2