576 Squadron Groundcrew, Ronald Beresford Kent

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576 Sqn Lancaster PD 309 recovery

150 Squadron R.A.F.


576 Sqn Wing/Cmdr Basil Arthur Templeman-Rooke

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Leslie Brown

576 Sqn. Flt/Sgt Eddie Wise

49 sqn Flt/Lt Charles Dunnet

49 Sqn Fred Cooper.

576 Sqn F/O William Carland Johnston

49 Sqn Flt/Lt Victor Medway Arnold

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Charles Roach

 49 Sqn Sgt. E.B.(Ted) Cachart.

49 Sqn Sgt Douglas D.R. Dalaway

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Bertram W. Roberts

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Johnny Musgrave

576 Sqn Flying Officer Edward L Saslove

49 Sqn Pilot Officer Edgar R. G. Haines D.F.M.

576 Sqn Flt/Lt Herbert Benson

576 Sqn Flying Officer Frank Wilson

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Dennis Ovenden

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Danny Ranchuk

576 Sqn Flt/Sgt Ken Tamkin.

49 Sqn Flying Officer Alexander V Bone

576 Sqn Sgt Stanley Lloyd

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Frederick Taylor, DFM

576 Sqn Warrant Officer Reg Croot

49 Sqn. S/L J.E Raw-Rees D.F.C.

576 Sqn Sgt Alfred Thorpe Turton

 576 Sqn Warrant Officer Eugene Patrick (Jimmy) Collins

576 Sqn. F/O R Bastick & Crew

576 Sqn. Sgt. George Lynn.

576 Sqn Airman Ron Kent

576 Sqn. Sgt. D.Girling.

576 Sqn F/O A.J.L Ridge

576 Sqn F/O Archibald de Largy Greig

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The information and images on this page were supplied by Mike Kent whose late Father was a 576 Sqn Airframe mechanic who was stationed at Fiskerton in April 1945.

Ronald Beresford Kent ( Ron in the RAF ) Born 2-1-1926 at Kintbury Berks . Called up for military service early 1944 aged 18 .

Initally went to Cardington for basic training, then went to SofTT at Cosford where he trained as an airframe mechanic .

Following initialtraining he was  posted to Coningsby where he was working in the hangers continuing to learn his trade. He was then posted to 625 sqn Kelstern on the formation of the new C flight in Oct 44 becoming airframe mechanic to B-Baker squared (CF-B2). The flight was transferred to 576 sqn in April 45- the rest of the squadron were transferred to Scampton .

At Fiskerton most of the flying were Manna and Exodus operations although there were still some bombing raids carried out.

Ron remained at Fiskerton until the squadron disbanded in Sept 45 after which he was sent to the middle east with 644 sqn working on Halifax transports and Horsa / Hamilcar gliders .

Number 644 Sqn was re-numbered 47 sqn later returning to the UK being stationed at Fairford .

Ron was demobbed in 1948 and returned to Kintbury where he trained in the bakery trade- taking over the business in 1963 .

He passed away on 11-11-94 aged 69 .

Ron, bottom row left. pictured with F/L McPhail and crew.
The Lancaster was PB576 and had been in service for only six-months but was considered an old aircraft-such was the high turnover rate of the lancs due to the losses the they suffered.
C Flight ground crew, Number 625 Sqn. R.A.F Kelstern, V.E. Day
Ground crew for NG169. Ron bottom of ladder.

This Lancaster was lost on 16/17th March 1945.

Ron and unknown persons pictured with a Horsa glider-possibly pre D-Day/Arnham.
Ron stood in Halifax cockpit. A/C possibly Horsa tug.